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How To schedule meetings in outlook mail?


Do youwant to setup the meeting in the outlook mail? Well, you can easily make thechanges into the outlook account. If you don’t know how to do that? here are the guide to fix such errors.  

1. First of all, you need to openthe outlook account.  

2. Click on the home button and thenclick on the meeting button.  

3. Once you will reach to themeeting window, here you need to enter the email address of the person, who needsto join the computer.  

4. Enter the details regarding yourmeeting and then click on the send button.  

Once youwill press the send button, a notification mail will be sent to those people. Inwhich, there will be a joining link available. Through which, they can join the meeting.  

Which tools are required for joining in the outlook meeting?  

To join the outlook meeting, you must have skype or Microsoft team program on yourcomputer. We all are familiar with the skype but Microsoft team can be new name for some of you. Well, this is a new tool like- zoom or google meet to join the meetings in the Microsoft products like- windows computer, outlook. Apart from that, If you want to join it through computer or network. you can easily join them.    How to schedule meeting in outlook mail? 


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