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How To Fix Epson ET-2720 won t connect to WiFi

When you are unable to setup the wifi network on the epson printer. you need to check the wireless settings. here are the guide to fix such problems.


Epson et-2720 printers are generally used for the multicolour printing. It is a network printer which can be connected to the networkthrough wired or wireless network. Although the wifi setup process on the epsonecotank printers are very easy but still some of you may have an issue toconnect it through the wireless network.  

So if you are currently unable to connect the epsonet-2720 printer to the wireless network. Please follow the steps given below.  

How to fix epson et-2720 not connecting tothe wireless network?  

1. Please make sure that the printer is available nearby the router. Now reboot theprinter and computer once.  

2. Go to the router settings and enable the wireless broadcasting.  

3. Whenepson et-2720 printer can’t connect to the wireless network. Please make surethat you are using the correct wireless password. Most probably, you have enteredthe wrong password. that’s why it won’t connect to the wireless network. If youare not confident about it, you can reset the wireless password and then retry to connect the printer with the wireless network.  

4. Ifyou have recently changed the password for the wireless network but it won’tconnect to the network, you need to reset the network settings and then retryto join the wireless network again.  

5. Sometimes,printers might not be connecting to the network because of the software you need to update the printer firmware and then retry to connect it again.  

6. Ifyou have already tried the above steps but your printer is still not working,you need to factory reset the printer to the default settings. now it should beworking fine in your network.  

7. Please make sure that the network broadcasting is enabled on your router. Which you can check by going into the wireless settings on your router. 

So these are the steps to fix the Epson printer won't connect to wifi problem. in case, if you have any kind of other issues. please visit us formore help.  


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