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How do I Fix AOL Mail Not working on iPhone?


When aol webmailis one of the most popular email service provider, which is generally oftenused on the browser. But some people likes to use it on the smartphone or mail application. But some new aol mail users may have a problem while adding the aol mail account on the iphone.  

If youdon’t know how to setup the aol mail account. here are the instructions to configurethe mail account.  

How tosetup the aol mail account on the iphone?  

1. Turn on the mobile data orwireless connection on the iphone.  

2. Click on settings.  

3. Go to the mail settings.  

4. Select the AOL mail account on theiphone.  

5. Enter the email address and then enterthe password.  

6. Now select the email types andthen click on the password.  

Onceyou will add the email account on the aol mail account, It will start syncingthe mail data. Now you can go to the aol mail server and start using the mail data from the aol mail account. in case, if you have some other issues, please visit: how to fix aol mail not working on the iphone problem?  AOL Mail is one of the most popular webmail service. which is 

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